Sample SafeID Profiles

The below information is to help you see some examples of what a SafeID Profile may look like depending on your needs.  You can scan the QR code with your smartphone, tablet or other device with a QR code reader or you can simply type in the URL shown below the QR codes into your computer's browser (no need to type in www or http). 

Category:           CHILD                                 ATHLETE                                   MEDICAL                                PET                         LUGGAGE




Unique features in each sample SafeID Profile

CHILD includes uploaded documents such as a sample Individual Educational Plan (IEP).  Those who have children with IEPs in their school know how important and efficient it can be to have these documents available at a moment's notice (it doesn't even have to be an emergency).

ATHLETE provides an example of what someone would see when they view a SafeID Profile that uses the Password Protection option.  To see the rest of Athlete's SafeID Profile use the password Jim70.  Athlete has also uploaded a sample running route map as one of his documents.  A safety recommendation for those who run, walk, or bike a specific route.

MEDICAL shows an example of how a SafeID Profile could look for someone who has medical needs such as specific health issues and/or regular medications.

PET provides an example of what a SafeID Profile could look like for your pet.  There are many fields you can fill in to provide information such as the latest vaccination, micro chip number, registration number, and more.  You can also upload the vaccination records so you have them available at your fingertips if ever needed.

LUGGAGE gives you an idea of what your SafeID Profile could look like if you use it for your luggage or other important possession(s).   You can use it for asset keeping/tracking, upload receipts or service records for your vehicles, and more.