Dog Tags

$ 30.00

The military-style Dog Tags are ideal for the individual that wants to wear their ID at all times, but only be noticed in an emergency. These IDs are double sided and feature the QR code, URL and toll free number on one side and your customized image on the other side. The IDs come with a 30" stainless steel ball chain that can be trimmed to a custom fit as well; one size fits all. 

Minimum order of 12 for customization. 

Each item has the URL, QR Code, and Toll Free Number printed/engraved/sublimated on it. The items that are customized can have any color(s) and/or images sublimated on them at the retailer's request; meaning you, the retailer, can have them customized for your sales, but we do not customize for each individual customer. The IDs can be ordered in any color so long as the minimum order requirement (in any color combination) is met.

Each ID includes the following features with no monthly or annual fees: Free online secured profile (called a SafeID Profile), Message Alerts (notification sent to you via email and/or text when your SafeID Profile is viewed), GPS Location (when SafeID Profile is viewed--not for tracking), Unlimited Document Uploads (upload pet vaccination records, travel itinerary, important travel papers, Living Will, receipts of important asset purchases, etc.), Password Protection (available option to keep your private information even more private), and so much more.

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